Welcome to Lombok

For years Lombok has been regarded as ‘The Next Bali’. Nowadays the comparison seems to fade and Lombok stands out on its own thanks to its superb beaches, colourful culture and breathtaking mountains and waterfalls. With firm government commitment to infrastructure development, several top rankings in travel blogs and an increasing interest from the investment world, Lombok has earned its place as the newest and most anticipated beach destination in Asia.

Selong Selo

  • Situated in the more remote part of Lombok in the hills of Jabon

  • 25 minute drive from International Airport

  • Newly surfaced roads infrastructure

  • 30 minute drive to Kuta, Lombok, where restaurants, bars and resorts are situated such as Novotel and planned Madalika Resort

  • 1 hr drive to Mataram, the most populated city on the island with new hospital.

  • Incredible surf breaks, uncrowded beaches and lush farmland on your doorstep


  • Located east of Bali

  • A utopia of beautiful beaches and enchanting waterfalls, set against the incredible backdrop of the Mount Rinjani volcano

  • Spanning approximately 70 km across

  • Total area of about 4,725 km2 (1,825 sq ml)

  • Less than 3 million inhabitants with most of the population centred around Mataram