In 2010, the founding partners travelled to Lombok after hearing about the area from friends who travelled there frequently for the uncrowded, consistent surf breaks on the island.

At that point, the new airport had not yet opened and the travel time from Hong Kong was about 3 hours longer than it is today.

Selong Belanak by far exceeded their expectations and they instantly fell in love with the area. Discovering it was 20-30 times cheaper than Bali and knowing the government’s commitment to improving infrastructure, they purchased three plots of land.

Since then, all founding partners have dedicated their time to learning about the area and creating a secure and attractive investment opportunity for others.

12 months later, Alejandro Pineda joined the team, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and love of the area. After travelling around the world, Alejandro discovered Selong Belanak and decided to live and build a life there. Since then, he has become well-known and respected local.