Selong Selo’s service doesn’t finish once you have purchased your piece of land.
We are committed to helping you throughout the whole process until you are enjoying your villa.

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The Selong Selo service doesn’t finish once you have purchased your piece of land.  We are committed to helping you throughout the whole process.  To ensure certainty in delivering a premium product we established both a construction and construction management company to deliver a high-end execution.  Our team of over 200 staff, led by Greg Coventry – is comprised of experienced draftsmen, architects, engineers, civil engineers, MEP engineers, quantity surveyors and builders. Greg has been professionally involved in the business of General and Project Management for over 3 decades, with proven success in the development and management of projects in Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia and most recently on Sumba Island with the completion of Nihiwatu Resort and Spa, which was recently awarded the “Number One Resort in the World 2016”. Greg is committed to working with the Selong Selo team to make Selong Selo’s development an international success.

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Execution and Delivery

Once you select your design we will assume control of the whole process on your behalf, utilizing our Indonesian building experience to source the best quality and cost effective materials, and negotiate with all external consultants to avoid paying any ‘foreign premium’.  Our team is aligned to ensure completion occurs on time and the build is maintained to the highest quality with no unnecessary delays, errors or miscommunication.

Ongoing Communication

We pride ourselves in operating a transparent, honest and ethical business ensuring you don’t have to face hidden costs or hassles.  We operate on a cost plus model so you will have absolute certainty of all costs spent on your behalf.  You’ll be regularly informed of all details surrounding your villa construction by way of a comprehensive monthly report and weekly WhatsApp/email updates.

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Diagram of construction phases

Selong Selo Construction Management – bringing you from ‘render’ to reality.

Adoption of Green Technology

Lombok is so far unspoilt by the double edge sword of tourism. While tourism has brought many jobs and improved standard of living to the Balinese it has come at a price to both the nature and culture of the Island of the Gods.

Selong Selo is committed to the pillars of sustainable tourism and is protecting these natural and socio-cultural values in Lombok by taking an early ecological approach to the development.

Implementation of this approach is currently being overseen and managed by seasoned sustainability practitioner, designer and executer, Nigel Grier from IDPM Singapore. Nigel is working closely with all areas of the Selong Selo development, from construction through to food and beverage, to ensure maximum sustainability and waste-management measures are implemented across the entire project. Nigel sums up the approach in the following way:

“Selong Selo Residences development is currently in the process of implementing an integrated energy & water micro-grid system where traditional utility services have been reimagined onsite. Under this system, significant renewable energy is generated and used onsite with excess exported to the grid. Similarly water is managed from rainfall to outfall where both rainwater & stormwater are harvested from roof tops and road networks and used throughout the estate with all waste water treated and reticulated via gravity for secondary uses. In time it is anticipated that Selong Selo Residences could be completely energy & water independent. The system is controlled and managed by both hardware & software interface utilising cutting edge algorithm for automation, control and predictive energy & water optimisation. This will be a first for Indonesia and demonstrate an alternate model for delivery of basic human needs infrastructure without the capital cost, all the while avoiding new coal-fired power plants.”

Selong Selo incorporates green technologies in every aspect of its planning and design.  We have spent countless hours in the research and implementation of various green alternatives to develop its residences project.  For us, being self reliant and controlling our environment is a priority in developing our sustainable long term vision.  Initial strategies include:

  • Solar Power

  • Permaculture design for water management, soil amendments and improvements, erosion control and soil stabilisation

  • Rain water harvesting and recycling systems

  • Septic water recycling systems

  • Water efficient garden design

  • Energy efficient mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) designs and energy efficient architectural design

Implementation of Vetiver Grass

One key success that has now been in practice for a number of years is the use of Vetiver Grass instead of intrusive retaining walls and other industrial structures.  Vetiver is a perennial grass that thrives in sub-tropical and tropical regions.  It grows easily and quickly to a height of 1.5 meters.  The root system grows vertically, supporting itself and the surrounding soil.  The use of Vetiver Grass has become an essential in stabilising and reinforcing infrastructure for all Selong Selo Projects.  This has allowed us to keep Selong Selo more sustainable, natural, beautiful and it is also far more cost effective. As another illustration of our commitment to educating peer developers in sustainable techniques, we can offer high quality Vetiver from our on-site nursery to nearby developers.  If you are interested to adopt this on your own project or plot please contact us: