Villa Management

Our villa management team, lead by General Manager Greg Williams, ensures you have a seamless and exceptional experience. Upon completion of your Villa, we will not only make your experience as relaxing and care free as possible but we will also maximise on the tremendous opportunity to get a strong recurring income from your property.

To facilitate, we have created a villa management service that oversees the management and maintenance of your villa. The management team takes full responsibility for all aspects of villa operation to ensure you and your guests have a magical experience.

Services include:

  • Provision of reservation system for villa bookings

  • Oversee villa management, marketing and reservation tasks by utilizing our current marketing channels

  • Review and provide legal contracts

  • Provision of a complete financial package including tracking all incoming and outgoing funds, providing monthly cash flow and P&L statement to villa owners

  • Operating a fully functional clubhouse, including high quality restaurant, bar and reception
  • Cleaning and common ground landscaping (such as gardening, hedging/mowing and rubbish removal).

  • Upkeep of basic infrastructure including roads, electricity, water and boundary fencing

  • Individual property management including electricity bills, land taxes, villa maintenance, gardening and landscaping

  • Provision of guest services such as in-house cook, car pick-up, child care etc

  • Promotion of large one-off events such as weddings, functions and conferences

  • Maintaining both local community and government relationships

  • Promotion of the Selong Selo project and individual villas to ensure continued capital appreciation and high occupancy rates for investors