Selong Selo



Welcome to Selong Selo Resort, a haven of luxury less travelled in Lombok, Indonesia. Our exclusive villas feature private pools and stunning views of Selong Belanak Bay, ensuring privacy and comfort. Experience elevated dining at Aura Restaurant and engage in tailored local activities such as surfing, snorkelling, and eco-tourism. Discover tranquility and unparalleled service at Selong Selo, Lombok’s premier luxury destination.


Discover the unparalleled luxury of our villa collection at Selong Selo Resort, located in the heart of Lombok, Indonesia. Our private villas range from intimate studios to expansive 7-bedroom residences, each featuring a private infinity pool. Whether seeking a romantic escape, a family holiday, or a corporate group retreat, our luxury villas for rent in Lombok provide the perfect setting for any occasion. Experience exclusive comfort and breathtaking ocean views at one of Indonesia’s premier luxury resorts. 


At Selong Selo, savor authentic Indonesian cuisine, including traditional breakfasts, vegetarian options, fresh local seafood, and classic desserts. Discover the exquisite culinary offerings at Aura Lounge and Bar, celebrated as one of the best restaurants in Lombok. Enjoy unique dining experiences like private chef-prepared barbecues in your villa, a traditional Nasi Tumpeng Feast, or a romantic dinner under the stars. Relish fresh ingredients from our chef’s garden and delicious cocktails, all framed by the best view in Lombok. 

Elevated dining


Discover vibrant culture and thrilling adventures at Selong Selo, ideally situated at Selong Belanak, Lombok. Immerse yourself in local Sasak culture with a village tour or explore the crystal-clear waters with some of the best snorkelling in Indonesia. For surfers, Selong Selo is close to world-class surf spots, offering options from beginner surf camps to expert surf breaks. Whether you seek relaxing self-discovery or action-packed surfing, find your perfect experience here in Lombok. 


Plan your dream destination wedding, corporate retreat, or wellness event at Selong Selo in Lombok, Indonesia. Our resort combines stunning views with world-class facilities and exquisite dining. Our dedicated team provides tailored packages for weddings and corporate events, ensuring your special occasion is memorable and affordable. Explore our versatile venues, perfect for gatherings of any size, and let the breathtaking landscape of Lombok be the backdrop for your event. 


In the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, the island of Lombok is at an environmental crossroad. Driven by unsustainable agricultural practices and rapid ecological changes, the land and its people are in urgent need of a sustainable transformation.

South Lombok, Indonesia, is an idyllic island retreat where you can still find places that have not been overrun with crowds of tourists; where the local people will welcome you with hospitality and open arms.

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