Selong Selo


Where mountains
melt into the sea

The epitome of Lombok luxury

Raw, rugged and refined, Selong Selo is a beacon for travelers thirsting for a conscious chic Indonesian escape. 35 spacious Lombok villas and luxury tents rise harmoniously from the peninsular in different shapes and sizes, but all promise privacy, uninterrupted coastal views, and infinity pools. Experience the epitome of luxury at our exclusive Lombok resort, perfect for families seeking an unforgettable retreat.


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From luxury glamping experiences to sprawling residences, each villa is unique in its design and layout. We created these spaces with your relaxation in mind, using color palettes inspired by the sea, sand, and mountains, and adding simple furnishings that allow the magical tableau of Lombok’s rolling hills, lush green mountains, and deep blue see to take center stage.


Lose yourself in tranquility,
discover yourself in nature


Elevated Dining

Aura takes fine dining to sublime new heights. Delectable Indonesian fusion cuisine is complemented by breathtaking views and a tropical modernism aesthetic. A treat for all senses, Aura allows you to soak up the vistas while you enjoy your meal, or order dishes to your villa door.

paradise is within reach