Selong Selo


A Villa for All Occasions

The luxury villas of Selong Selo offer a diverse range of accomodation options, making them ideal for families of all shapes and sizes. We spoke to three different families visiting the resort, who shared the features that made their Lombok family escape a holiday to remember.

Lombok, Indonesia. It’s a balmy day and the melodic afternoon call to prayer is carried on a fragrant breeze to Selong Selo, where Leanne and Janelle – sisters from Queensland, Australia – attempt to round up their respective families for a group photograph.

Selong Selo Belanak

It’s difficult because the excitement is palpable. They’ve just arrived at the resort, and everyone is distracted by the breathtaking panorama of Selong Belanak Bay, which dominates the view from the reception area. It’s also the first time they’ve ever had a family getaway like this.

The clan is huge, spanning 4 generations, including kids, grandkids and one spry grandmother. Luckily, Villa Maleo, Selong Selo’s massive 7-bedroom villa is the perfect space to bring this large family together, whilst also affording them privacy from each other.

“You know, it was tough finding a resort that could handle this lot,” Leanne muses, gesturing to the organised chaos of her extended family. “The 7-bedroom villa idea was genius if I do say so myself. It’s just so beautiful, and big enough that we’re not all on top of each other.”

“It was a no-brainer,” Janelle chimes in. “Look at this place, it’s amazing! And the best thing is, everyone is happy. The big kids have all these fun adventure things planned – I think our husbands are in surfing heaven, and our mum is happy just sitting back and watching the little ones play in the villa pool.”

Accommodating this large family is apparently much easier than photographing them, as the smiling photographer patiently waits for the sisters to herd their unruly clan into order. Eventually, the picture is taken, and the families move on to explore everything their spacious villa has to offer.

Leanne and Janelle hang back for a moment, happy to let their husbands take the kids from there. “As for us?” Leanne declares, “We’re off to the spa!”


Meanwhile, another family makes their final bittersweet journey to reception, as they check out on their last day in beautiful Lombok. Nikky and Owen are a young couple – creative professionals from Britain’s Midlands – with two young children in tow. For them, one of Selong Selo’s two-bedroom villas was the perfect space for their family.

Nikky seems almost lost for words when asked to describe her Lombok experience.

“This place is special. I can’t even describe it,” she says, instead gesturing at the view. “I expected to just come and get pampered in the spa and lay on the beach, maybe eat some delicious food. Which I did… But I didn’t expect to fall in love so hard with the people and the culture.”

“The people are just beautiful. There is some really amazing art and craft stuff too – you should see the painting I got from a local artist. Just stunning. And the food…”

Nikky’s husband, Owen, lights up at the mention of the food. “I’ve always liked my food a bit spicy!” Owen shares, “And the things they do with spices here… the Sambal… I took one of the cooking classes at the resort and the Ayam Taliwang is, hands down, the best thing I’ve ever made.” Owain does a little chef’s kiss gesture that makes his daughter’s giggle.

“We’re sad to be leaving,” Nikky shares, “but we will be back again next year, for sure.”

Just down the hill, in the spacious 4-bedroom Villa Jakabee, another family sits down for a feast. Indonesian businessman, Ismail, has brought his children and parents from Jakarta, to help celebrate his 50th birthday in style.

Ismail’s children splash and play in the villa’s private infinity pool, while the adults eat, drink, and talk on the generous poolside deck. They’ve decided to take advantage of one of Selong Selo’s in-villa dining experiences, with chef and his team preparing a special birthday feast for Ismail in the villa’s al fresco kitchen.

Villa Jakabee

Ismail seems somewhat emotional, a slight hitch in his voice. “It is very special for me to be here with my family for this birthday,” Ismail says, “my parents and my children are with me… it is a great gift to be here.”

Ismail seems genuinely content as he regards his family – the perfect place to celebrate this birthday milestone with his loved ones.

Selong Selo has a unique villa for every family and every occasion, book now to experience this magical destination for yourself.