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Top 5 surf spots near Selong Belanak

South Lombok, Indonesia, is an idyllic island retreat where you can still find places that have not been overrun with crowds of tourists; where the local people will welcome you with hospitality and open arms.

Embrace Freedom: Getaway To Lombok During Nyepi!

As the island of Bali prepares for its annual observance of Nyepi, or Day of Silence, travellers and residents alike find themselves facing a unique challenge. Nyepi, a sacred day of self-reflection and meditation for the Balinese, imposes strict restrictions on daily activities, making it a less- than-ideal time for leisurely pursuits. However, there’s a perfect solution for those seeking to escape the silence without having to go too far: Lombok.

Lombok: the uncharted paradise of investment opportunities

Have you ever wished you could turn back time? Imagine if you had invested in Bali three decades ago, watching your investment bloom into a paradise of returns. Now, let’s talk about Lombok, Indonesia, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered