Selong Selo



Savour the flavours of Lombok with Selong Selo Resort’s exclusive culinary experiences. From hands-on cooking classes to exclusive dining – each meal will create a unique memory.

cooking class master the art of ayam taliwang

Discover the secrets behind the spicy and savory Ayam Taliwang in our cooking class. Guided by our expert chefs, you’ll learn how to prepare this traditional Indonesian dish using fresh local ingredients. This hands-on experience not only enhances your cooking skills but also deepens your appreciation for Lombok’s culinary heritage.

little chefs pizza making adventure

Spark creativity in young minds with our Kids’ Cooking Class. Children delight in crafting their own pizzas from scratch, choosing toppings and baking their creations to perfection. It’s a fun, interactive way for kids to engage with food and learn basic culinary skills in a safe, supervised environment.

experience a traditional nasi tumpeng feast

Immerse yourself in a cultural dining experience with our Traditional Nasi Tumpeng Dinner Feast. This celebratory meal is rich in symbolism and flavor, featuring a cone-shaped rice dish surrounded by assorted Indonesian delicacies. It’s a perfect introduction to the communal and festive spirit of Indonesian dining.

indulgent in-villa indonesian bbq

Relax in the comfort of your villa while our chef prepares an exquisite Indonesian BBQ. Featuring a variety of marinated meats and local vegetables, this private dining experience combines authentic flavors with the luxury of personalized service.

floating breakfast in your villa’s pool

Elevate your morning with a Floating Breakfast in the private infinity pool of your villa. Enjoy a selection of breakfast favorites served on a beautifully designed floating tray, providing a picturesque start to your day.

make selong selo your base for a culinary journey of indonesia

Book your culinary adventure today and taste the essence of island life at Selong Selo Resort.