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The luxury villas of Selong Selo offer a diverse range of accomodation options, making them ideal for families of all shapes and sizes. We spoke to three different families visiting the resort, who shared the features that made their Lombok family escape a holiday to remember.

As the island of Bali prepares for its annual observance of Nyepi, or Day of Silence, travellers and residents alike find themselves facing a unique challenge. Nyepi, a sacred day of self-reflection and meditation for the Balinese, imposes strict restrictions on daily activities, making it a less- than-ideal time for leisurely pursuits. However, there’s a perfect solution for those seeking to escape the silence without having to go too far: Lombok.

Have you ever wished you could turn back time? Imagine if you had invested in Bali three decades ago, watching your investment bloom into a paradise of returns. Now, let's talk about Lombok, Indonesia, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered

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