Selong Selo


Top 5 surf spots near Selong Belanak

South Lombok, Indonesia, is an idyllic island retreat where you can still find places that have not been overrun with crowds of tourists; where the local people will welcome you with hospitality and open arms.

Selong Selo, with its prime location overlooking Selong Belanak, is an ideal base for your South Lombok surf trips. Here are the top 5 spots to surf when staying at Selong Selo.

1. Selong Belanak Beach (Beginner)

Beginners will enjoy the charming local surf culture of Selong Belanak Beach. It’s a sandy-bottom shore break and thus has a perfect set-up for foam boards. It offers a beach break across the 1.7 km stretch of the beach, with most surfing in the Eastern corner. A few local surf warungs have sprung up here, so you can also find an experienced local surf teacher to guide you through the basics.

2. Mawi (Intermediate to Advanced)

Intermediate A-frame when small and a hollow left for advanced surfers when bigger. At 6 foot plus, Mawi transforms into a heaving left barrel, with elevator drops and heavy hold-downs. At 8-10 feet, it’s not for the faint-hearted. The best time is around mid-tide with the south-east trade wind that blows from May to September, but it holds swell all year round.

3. Serangan (Intermediate to Advanced)

Located West of Selong Belanak, Serangan Beach is wind sensitive and very exposed. It’s a long, right hand peeler that can get quite rippy outside low tide. When on, it’s long, fast and powerful. Wet season only and favors longer rail higher volume boards.

4. Areguling (Intermediate)

A fairly exposed reef break that has consistent surf that works mainly during wet season (November- April). Clean groundswells prevail and the best swell direction is from the south-southwest. Works on all tides but can be hollow and shallow at low tide. Beware of submerged rocks.

5. Gerupuk (Beginner through to Advanced)

Gerupuk Bay hosts 4 known waves:

Kidspoint: Works on powerful SW swells and low wind conditions, it’s a bit fickle, only breaking when other spots in the bay are close to maxing out. When it’s on, it’s a fun, fast, thin-lipped wave good for intermediates to beginners.

Dondons: A user-friendly and more consistent wave (especially in wet season). The rights and left offer fun turning sections for beginners and are also great for intermediate to advanced surfers to practice maneuvers. The wave prefers mid tides and there is a reform further down the peak that is one of the best absolute beginner learning spots in the island.

Inside: The gem, and perhaps best known wave in central Lombok. A fast, thin-lipped right-hander that offers occasional barrel sections but is mostly just a fun ride to the beach. It’s very consistent but can get crowded. Works all year round but prefers lighter trade winds or no wind, as well as a rising mid-tide.

Outside: This right-hand reef break, positioned southwest at the bay’s entrance, boasts two unique waves. The first is a large, shifting peak further out, which can pack a powerful punch, particularly when the swell builds. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled drop followed by a rapid inside section that’s both steep and lengthy.

Whether you’re just starting out or seeking the next big challenge, the surf spots near Selong Belanak hold something special for every wave enthusiast. So, grab your board, soak in the beauty of this tropical paradise, and let the waves carry you on an unforgettable journey.