Selong Selo


Your Selong Selo Summer itinerary 

Make the most of your stay in Lombok with our exciting activities.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of adventure, relaxation, and unparalleled experiences. From indulging in lavish accommodations to savoring exquisite culinary delights, we have curated a dreamlike journey that captures the essence of the perfect summer escape.  

Join us as we explore sun-soaked poolside lounging, rejuvenating spa treatments, and thrilling adventures that will create memories to last a lifetime. Prepare to be enchanted by the allure of our luxury hotel and discover the secrets to crafting an extraordinary summer getaway. 


Beach Walk 
Breathe in the island life with a picturesque walk along Selong Belanak beach. Feel the sand on your toes and bask in the sun as you unplug from the city life. Our guide will give you tips on how to make your stay more memorable.

Selo Spa 
Feeling some knots in your back from your flight? Our spa is here to fix that for you. Release all the tension and stress and rejuvenate your mind and body in the hands of our expert masseueses.


Picnic Breakfast 
The perfect way to welcome a new day on the island. This specially curated experience features the best breakfast food that you can enjoy while watching the sunrise and listening to the gentle waves by the shore. 

Pool Volleyball 
Play with your group or with other guests in the estate and engage in a thrilling game of pool volleyball. 

Surfing Class 
Don’t miss out on the world-class surf breaks of South Lombok and book a session with our instructors who will guide you on how to cruise through the breaks. We welcome both beginners and advances surfers. 


Chef’s Garden 
We at Selong Selo are committed to sustainable practices, and our farm is a big part of making sure that we are reducing food waste, while offering our guests the best produce for their food orders. Look around our farm and see how we grow our own vegetables that go straight into the hands of our chefs at Aura Lounge and Bar. 

Lombok Cooking Class 
What better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than by learning how to cook some Lombok specialties? Our chef is the best in making you feel right at home in the kitchen. 

Boogie Board Class 
Share an exciting Boogie Board class with your kids and create memorable experiences together. Our instructor will guide you through the basics and safety tips. 


Yoga Class 
The untouched nature surrounding the Selong Selo estate is the best place to stretch your limbs as you take a well-deserved breather. Experience the grounding sensation of sand beneath your feet as you find your center and enhance your overall well-being.  

Making Ketupat 
Learn how to make one of Indonesia’s staple foods from our chefs at Aura. 


Drawing Class 
Inspire your creativity with the surrounding nature of Lombok and create your own piece of art. 

Mixologist Class 
Feeling a bit adventurous? Join our mixologist class and learn how you can whip up a nice cocktail.